The Sharecroppers is an emotionally gripping tale that burns hot in the cotton field and cools gently on the porch in the sweet-smelling twilight. It is the story of a marriage, of silver dollars, a stolen home and a runaway baby. The novel is set in a time when family entertainment meant humid evenings on the front porch and uncles told tales so funny even the bull frogs chuckled.

  • The Author
    Denisa Nickell Hanania grew up in Burns Harbor, Indiana where living in a small town fueled her appreciation for vivid characterizations. She accompanied her grandma to Mississippi County, Arkansas for a few weeks every summer. Those golden days were filled with second and third cousins and pestering her elders for more family tales.

    Denisa Hanania
  • Events

    October 24th, 2015
    The St. Louis Library Author Shout-out
    St. Louis County Library
    2pm - 5pm 1301 Olive St. St. Louis, MO

  • The Meeting Room

    What do you remember about growing up in a farming or small town community? My readers and I would love to hear your sharecropping stories and see your photos. We'd even like to try some of your family recipes. If your family history does not include sharecropping, you can still tell us about your family inheritance. Please upload your stories and photos here. join Now