Launch of The Sharecroppers

The books arrived and I did a Happy Dance in the kitchen. My boys said, “Mom, you’re acting like a young girl.” I laughed and explained that’s because it has been my heart’s desire to write THIS story since I was a little girl.

The Sharecroppers is the story of my Arkansas family. Even as a child I knew I was born to write this book. I used to hunker down in an out-of-the-way corner of Granny’s living room and listen to the stories my great aunts and uncles told. I practically held my breath hoping no one would notice me and none of the tales would be the “edited for children” version.

As I grew older, I began taking notes, asking a multitude of questions. Granny was very willing to share her story with me, but was too private to want it written. By the time she was in her 80’s cataracts had covered her eyes to the point she could no longer see. I thought that was my opportunity to get details down on paper so I’d ask her questions and secretly jot down her response. One day, she paused in her narrative and said, “If you don’t stop writing down what I say, I’m going to stop talking.” Very little ever got passed her.

In the years since that dream first embedded itself deeply in my heart, the busyness of life often interrupted the novel’s progress. I remember being afraid that I would die before finishing her story and thinking that if I did, I would not have accomplished one of the purposes I was put on earth for. I felt an overwhelming urgency that I have never felt with any other project. During the last few months of writing, I often rose at two in the morning so I could write another chapter.

And now, drum roll please, The Sharecroppers is completed. The joy is overwhelming. I believe this story will have a life of its own and meet needs in readers that I never even imagined. Granny has a heavenly perspective now. I believe she will be grateful her life’s story can make such a positive impact on the generations that are following her.

The Sharecroppers is available in hardback, paperback, on Kindle and on the Nook. Enjoy!


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