For writers, the holiday season is a time full of great characters

For writers, the holiday season is a time full of great characters. Think about it. Look around the dinner table at your relatives. Every family may have a matriarch, a joker, a black sheep and a star, but exactly how the dynamics plays out is unique to your clan.

Study your relatives this holiday. Watch the interaction between generations. Do you have in-laws or “out” laws? Pay special attention to the people who say the least. How and what are they communicating?

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Launch of The Sharecroppers

The books arrived and I did a Happy Dance in the kitchen. My boys said, “Mom, you’re acting like a young girl.” I laughed and explained that’s because it has been my heart’s desire to write THIS story since I was a little girl.

The Sharecroppers is the story of my Arkansas family. Even as a child I knew I was born to write this book. I used to hunker down in an out-of-the-way corner of Granny’s living room and listen to the stories my great aunts and uncles told. I practically held my breath hoping no one would notice me and none of the tales would be the “edited for children” version.

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  • The SharecroppersThe Sharecroppers
    Follow an Arkansas family’s emotionally gripping tale that burns hot in the cotton field and cools gently on the porch in the sweet-smelling twilight.

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  • A Talent to DeceiveA Talent to Deceive
    Five friends form a book club. While their families believe them to be sipping tea and discussing great literature, they are really out solving a murder.

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